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Smitty  : (12:51 PM) Posted Image
Posa  : (01:48 PM) Woah, I remembered my password
dollydolman  : (12:03 PM) Finn! Hey
Finnegane  : (11:13 AM) Sup Bitches!
JohnChev  : (08:32 AM) I knew it :P
Smitty  : (08:32 AM) well I always thought you were kinda shady JohnChev :lol:
dollydolman  : (08:27 AM) Fixed that
JohnChev  : (08:21 AM) My reputation is -1
JohnChev  : (08:18 AM) Yesssssssssssss
dollydolman  : (08:13 AM) How I've missed this site :P
Smitty  : (08:12 AM) Welcome back BITCHES!!!! (Un-Edited for profanity)
Xthlon  : (02:02 AM) You think darkness is your ally? you merely adopted the dark, now stop hiding forum and come back
dollydolman  : (05:29 PM) "annnd its back again" is possibly the most commonly said thing in this shout now :P
bmg9109  : (04:22 PM) Any of ya'll have a Xbox 360?
Xthlon  : (02:14 AM) annnd its back again
bmg9109  : (03:59 AM) Like Killzone Trilogy, The first one will release same time
bmg9109  : (03:59 AM) Uh when the trilogy comes out
S0UTHERN_...  : (12:06 PM) When is the first Mass Effect coming to the PS3? O_O
bmg9109  : (01:48 AM) I want that Mass Effect Trilogy
Smitty  : (09:27 AM) As I live and breathe.....
TwitcH  : (09:31 PM) Hey everyone stopping by to say hi
bradgotswag  : (03:15 PM) g
extermin8or2  : (02:48 PM) more and more with every passing day....
extermin8or2  : (02:48 PM) god I despise apple
Scar28fo  : (07:27 PM) thanks ex!
extermin8or2  : (07:47 PM) oh and btw scar28fo thanks for the happy birthday :P
extermin8or2  : (07:45 PM) Reading festival was awesome :D and the below post should've had at the end- so have loads of spare time to spend on here-who watched Dr Who; what are peoples steam names im getting new laptop soon that i can play games on to an extent :D and last I checked the site was down that was only a week ago? :S
extermin8or2  : (07:44 PM) well I'm having to retake my A2 year :/ most of my friends are going to uni in a few weeks-i fully blame the narcolepsy :P god this year is going to feel odd/be boring
extermin8or2  : (07:43 PM) omg this is still up :P
Smitty  : (11:56 AM) You the man!
Scar28fo  : (01:21 PM) *throws masterball*
S0UTHERN_...  : (01:24 PM) I deleted all the queued posts and threads :)
bmg9109  : (12:10 AM) VITA UPDATE 1.8 TUESDAY!!!!!!!! & HERE I COME SAN FRANCISCO!!!! WITH FF7!!!
Scar28fo  : (06:51 PM) Happy Birthday Ex!
Scar28fo  : (06:51 PM) whats wrong with it?
selahattin  : (03:16 AM) call of mw3 version 1.90 :(
selahattin  : (03:16 AM) hi
bmg9109  : (04:41 AM) GAMESCONN!!
Smitty  : (09:15 PM) Happy Birthday Gil!
dameuin  : (08:11 PM) :rolleyes:
dameuin  : (08:10 PM) hello people
bmg9109  : (05:47 AM) GTA V
S0UTHERN_...  : (02:06 PM) Submit a score, and I will try to beat it ;)
S0UTHERN_...  : (02:05 PM) Okay :D
JohnChev  : (04:27 PM) SoCo lets play some SSX soon
JohnChev  : (04:21 PM) Just realized it's back online! Hey-o!
LumpyBumpy  : (09:06 PM) hello
shauna2bom1e  : (01:14 AM) heeeeeeyyyyy
LumpyBumpy  : (12:12 PM) hello
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